Power Of Silence

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Silence is not an Empty concept; it is full of answers we generally don’t find in noise…

So far memory recalls, I was in class-IV when started going to a private tutor after school. Her elder brother used to take “Khaini”(a kind of tobacco) from a small attractive steel container having two separate chambers meant for Khaini and lime. One day after tuition, when no one was nearby, I stole that the container lying on the table.

In the evening while playing, I was proudly showing the container to my friends and became a hero as no one in my friend circle had a “Khaini” container but me. Some senior in the locality saw this and complained to my father. When I was back home, father asked where I got it and I told him the truth. He simply asked for the same which I silently returned. He did not utter a single word.

Next day, when I was going to the tutor, he gave me a sealed letter along with the container and asked me to put back the container from where I had taken and hand over the sealed letter to my teacher. I did so and then she asked me whether I had put the thing father gave me without naming it back to the place where from I took and I nodded. Episode ended.

The letter from my father stated the facts. And surprisingly no one ever scolded me for what I had done. It taught me a lot. Even after 30 yrs, I clearly recall that incident. Sometimes silence leaves a stronger mark than words.