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Yesterday night, was browsing through Youtube, Netflix, Amazon prime for watching some movie that has everything to satisfy my need  for that moment and unfortunately slept without even watching a single one as spent most of the time in finding what to watch.

Today while revisiting the previous night, I started thinking is it happening in our lives too where we, in search of everything we want, forget what we actually love and somehow missing something that we as child or grown ups dreamt of, in the pursuit of something we want. Why can’t we just pick up any damn movie that we love from the core of heart and watch till the end rather than looking for something that has everything that we will never find ?

Once we were happy with just one or two channels in DOORDARSHAN and used to laugh with those and today with so many options, we forgot to laugh !!

Once we used to go to neighbours’ place once in a week to watch “Ramayan/Mahabharata” in absence of a TV at home and enjoy those once in a week affair to the fullest and now, with multiple television sets in different rooms powered by remote, tata sky, airtel, Netflix, prime, casting etc, we go on changing channels and find nothing to meet our want !!

We used to be so happy with a simple room in a lodge when travelling as didn’t have the luxury of online booking and today, in the finest hotel suite booked online after searching 100s of rooms with images and views and also through finest travel agents using the Amex card that gives an additional discount and points, we complaint about a towel that was not changed after we used it in the morning and surprisingly make this such a bug fuss that we allow this small thing to take away all our happiness of the day !!

And on the other side, many of us  go out to adventurous sports, treks etc and enjoy the unavailability of options and happily accept the least options given to us and stay happy…

There are many such examples … We just have to look around and consciously try to stop abundance of options taking away our happiness ?

Just a thought !! Any comment ?


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