What You Want To Be In Life?

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“What you want to be in life? ” I asked my son while helping him to do some homework. And simply he replied ” I will be an astronaut”. I asked him “why astronaut & why not pilot? ” And his reply was “astronaut’s life is more challenging & can see more from the top rather than a pilot”.

While initially I didn’t give any thought, later while revisiting his replies, I started thinking something else. Something on the words “I will be”. Suddenly I saw a sense of conviction, sense of belief, sense of possibility in his words which with time we lose and “I will be” is replaced by “I wish to” Or “I want to” Or “may be one day”… And that always remains there only without an inch of progress…Why so?

I believe we, the grown ups, the so called experienced people, before giving replies to such questions first start seeing all the constraints, all the barriers to “I will be” & even before replying with conviction or trying, put the blockage to this “I will be” ourselves only before anybody else does so.

When we grow up within four walls of “career”, “discipline”, “social status” & “what others will think”, we forget that there is a door too through which we were once put inside these four walls and can get out also to follow our dreams. But we start disbelieving ourselves more than others do and create a barrier to follow our own “I will be” just to follow someone else’s dream that many of us unsuccessfully try or should I not say “Successfully Fail” ?

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