Kedarkantha – an amazing journey

Recollecting memories of Kedarkantha Trek (20TH-25TH Dec 2015) - by Anirban Deb-12The journey from Dehradoon Railway station to Sankri on 20th December’15 through the lush green forest still wet with the morning mist and last night’s little snowfall, through the pine forest spreading their branches like a mother spreading arms for her children, witnessing the first few sun-rays peeping over the mountains and filtering through the pores of pine leaves reminded me the quote of Sir Edmund Hillary -“Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it.” Like Sir Hillary, there are many who expressed their feelings and love towards the mountains for ages. Whatever is said about mountains, good or better or the best, it’s true very people could ignore the call of the mountain when it summoned and was rightly said by John Muir “Mountain is calling and I Must Go”. 

Yes, I must go and I am here today. The preparation and planning started around five months before. I was looking for a winter trek just to experience the extreme weather during winter in the Himalayas and finalized this “Kedarkantha Trek” through M/s Himalaya Trekkers. Kedarkantha Trek, as per many reviews, has one of the prettiest campsites covered with carpet of brown pine leaves along the way and mesmerizes anyone who has the slightest love for nature and mountain. Continue reading “Kedarkantha – an amazing journey”


আকাশে আজ রঙের খেলা,
চলছি আমি ভাসিয়ে ভেলা;
চারিদিকে দেখি দুশ্হহ জ্বালা
কবে পরবে পৃথিবী জয়ের মালা

করব আমি বিশ্ব জয়,
ছিল এই বাসনা আমার;
দেখে পৃথিবীর পরাজয়,
দমন করি ইচ্ছে আপনার

সবাই আছে সীমিত আপনারই গন্ডিতে,
বেধে রাখার প্রয়োজন নেই পৃথিবীতে;
কখনো টেলিভশন
কখনো ভিডিও গেম
কখনো ফেইসবুক বা whatsapp;
ভুলে গেছি আমরা কথা কইতে

একটু হাসি একটু বসা ,
সবাই মিলে করি প্রানের কথা ,
সেই ইচ্ছে মনে নিয়ে ,
রাখি আমি আজ কলম আমার

15th Dec 2015 (Allahabad to Lucknow journey after attending a reception)