Sitting on a pinnacle and welcoming the rising sun or resting on the seashore and looking at the disappearing sun and welcoming the darkness when the sky is filled with the birds returning home after a busy day and cacophony of their calls filling the air, enjoying the high tide gently touching your feet and silently eating away the last few meters of the shore, observing the old lady filling the last few drops of kerosene into the lamp with hope in her eyes for a brighter tomorrow are few instances one can never forget in his lifetime.

Suddenly the whole atmosphere observes pin drop silence and you only hear the sound of sea water pounding on the rocky beach. In the darkness you see the Big Dipper questioning you the cause for such silence and you only say tranquility prevailed finally on earth and you look forward to a new dawn.  A dawn where peace will prevail on earth, a dawn where human race will not fight with each other, a dawn where people will bow to their Great Creator forgetting cast creed and religion; and you hear someone laughing at your back. You turn and see the half-moon silently coming out of the horizon and laughing at you and your weird dream. You ask him why he is laughing and he conveys his message through a few dogs fighting somewhere nearby disturbing the whole atmosphere. He asks you to wait for a while and then you hear some more dogs start barking hearing these dogs without any reason.

You get your reply.  Silently you get up and start walking to your cottage. Thinking. Thinking to start something wherein you can relive the wonders enjoyed in last few hours, revisit and relive the pages and chapters you stopped living since long and share these feelings through blogs, stories and images with some like-minded friends and thus came into life.

A platform where any registered member can share his or her travel stories, travelogues, journeys and experiences and showcase to the world the beautiful vistas of earth…vistas which never ends and with everyone’s contribution, we look at the world and mother earth with a different eye – an eye which knows how to appreciate the beauty, an eye which knows how to love, an eye which knows how to dream.

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