When Shall We Indians Learn “To Travel” & Not Just “Sightseeing” ?

Sounds crazy !!?? But this is the story with most of us. Most of the Indians don’t travel, forget about solo travel which is a distant dream. We just go to places which have already been explored by others and compete to take selfies and post it in Facebook and then come back exhausted and start telling people what we have seen. It looks like we went to that place just to come back with some stories to tell rather than enjoy that place wholeheartedly. Why so?

Another thing becoming popular recently is itinerary!! Everyone is becoming travel experts and making his or her own itinerary, but not the original itinerary but copy paste from different travel sites so as to add maximum places within the given time frame. While I don’t blame them as everyone has limited time and want to explore everything in that locality in a short span of time to gather some stories to tell to their peers, can we not think at least beyond that itinerary and popular places and go beyond and explore differently? Can we not think of doing some research before going to a place and check those places hardly anyone visits except the natives? Can we not check in to small motels and enjoy with the locals with local delicacies rather than hunting for typical Indian spicy foods in typical Indian Restaurants? Sounds like a real challenge. Continue reading “When Shall We Indians Learn “To Travel” & Not Just “Sightseeing” ?”