Today across the world Women’s Day is being celebrated and people are busy in wishing.  People are busy showcasing all their love and respect for women.  They are busy in buying gifts,  some are arranging functions in office,  some are treating their partner and some like me are busy in wiring stories.  But when I see from a different angle,  it looks very fake,  very artificial and very colorable.  Why?

To me,  it looks like,  no genuine effort is being put to take the concept of Women’s Day to a different level where not only a day but throughout the year,  both in days and in hearts,  the concept is respected. If we go back to history,  women’s day didn’t start just for women’s rights or women empowerment that we feel today but for a greater cause of peace and harmony when women in Saint Petersburg went on strike for “Bread and Peace” – demanding the end of World War I, an end to Russian food shortages and the end of czarism. With time,  the wide concept boiled down just to some formalities which is painful. 

Women’s day also covers the concept right to equality and freedom which just got limited to some papers,  some quotas , and a few who could actually pave their positions in the world of gender inequality. Today if we go through the statistics,  the participation of women on various platforms is very depressing.

As long as it’s an informed choice,  I am ok.  But it’s not so. Today we are happy seeing a female employee taking equal charge as men in the office, but not ok when she delivers something less due to other pressures at home which her husband does not take care of. And also not happy if she surpasses a male colleague. And that’s why I mentioned that promise of equality does not translate to equality and in totality if we see, the contribution of the Women is much larger than a man but the male dominated society does not want to accept that very truth. So who is responsible for this discrimination?

It is the thought process which is responsible and needs a revamp. And that is possible only when as a generation like us who are blessed with various strengths takes the initiative. An initiative not to change the society which is a distant dream and depends on many things not in our control but to change the thinking of one individual man / one family / one parents and things will start shaping up gradually. Let us take the initiative of teaching our sons to respect girls, his fellow female colleagues etc. We cannot expect things to get corrected overnight when for ages it did not happen, but can do our part of the entire process.

So my appeal is,  take this day as a fresh start once again and make someone realize that when he gives recognition to a woman, empowers a woman, treat her with respect and honour, he is not only recognizing that very woman but giving gratitude to our very existence- he is giving respect to the very womb of the universe.

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By tripotomaniac

Born at Lumding, a town in Assam, Anirban spent his childhood enjoying the whispering sounds of the woods and trees, cherishing the flora and fauna in places like Dwarband, Masimpur, Burlongfur, Mandardisa. Anirban’s writings reflect his deep love towards nature, people and a culture that we can follow to live by. In Anirban’s words, the golden sunrise, the meadows, the snow-clad tall mountains, the never ending seas, the horizon, the smell of sand and soil, large monuments, the history, the people fascinate him and take him to a different world. And he gives his father all the credit who made him feel, cherish and experience these wonders of Mother Earth. His contributions to travel sites like Tripadvisor has a reader base of over forty thousand as well as in websites like Tripoto, He is an author for, a Times Travel Magazine. His first poetry collection “Osheemer Daak” – Call of the endless is recently published and available in Amazon, Flipkart. One can follow him at or his website His email id is

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