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The picture was shot at Sangam in Allahabad, India way back in 2015. Recently while revisiting my archive, suddenly this image made me think something beyond what is apparent in the picture.  In today’s world full of  opportunities spread across the horizon, everyone wants to advance in his/her career, pursue new career, start a new venture etc and thus skill set development and improvement plays an important role. Thankfully with abundance of technology, cloud based cross border knowledge sharing without any hindrance, various programmes conducted by agencies/govt,  this has become quite possible and we see many upgrading themselves with the latest technology, knowledge and information that will help them to proceed further in their own career or life. However what we sometimes fail to see or ignore is, in spite of being suitably skilled, all do not excel equally in their career.  And some accept that slow advancement, some put the blame on luck,  and some as usual put the blame on others. But this picture gave me another answer which is nothing but the ability to take risk of taking the very first step.

One can put the blame on luck or others only when he or she takes the first step of getting into the water and not wait for the water to come to him or her and sail him/her through.  Else, time will not be that far when the very person will keep on waiting for the favorable tide to come to him without even knowing that when that favorable tide comes some day, he/she will not be in a position to sail any more due to the heap of complacency and inertia of false hopes he allowed to grow on himself that made him sink without even trying or taking the first step.