Today I died once again. Once again the freedom I was born with ended my life. Never imagined my freedom to walk freely, freedom to walk alone, freedom to talk freely, freedom to chose what to wear will one day free my soul on the free street of a city once known for its cultural heritage. Not only here in this city but everywhere this freedom is bringing an end to many like me.
I am looking around now and seeing many like me still wondering what was the mistake we did that took our lives. From our new abode, we are watching  the lady in red saree with Tricolour in hand, riding the Lion trying best to hide her grief, apologizing to us helplessly. Even she is scared now since only the word “Mata” after her name might not be enough to stop those from taking away her clothes in front of the entire world. In fact it has just begun in a different format which we all know as politics where people as a whole are being raped without any gender discrimination and who knows next will come her turn whom we know as Bharatmata.
The problem is not with the criminals alone but the society as a whole. The problem is not with law and order alone but the actions to weaken our legal system and plenty of examples proving this weakness. The “sabkuch chalta hain/kuch nehin/dekha jayega” has spread so wide and deep into the system that even when my sister was lodging complaint, police was not taking it seriously. People are talking about capital punishment once again like they talked after Nirbhaya. Did anything change in these days ? Nothing..In fact it increased. Why…?   
Today I am seeing all my family crying, seeing others protesting and cursing govt, administration. Some are giving this a political touch, RepublicTV has already broadcasted image of politicians asking reasons for their silence and so on. But no one is asking what we need to do as a society, as a nation so that no one goes through what we have. No one is asking because the moment it comes to that stage, accountability comes on them at personal level and they won’t have anyone to blame but self. It’s undoubtedly a slow process but has to start now. Freedom for boys has to be monitored, questioned and acted upon to bring true freedom I was once born with …

“The same police who didn’t do their job of taking my sister’s complaint which otherwise could have saved my life is being celebrated today. Looks like people were waiting for the incidence to happen to me so that they get an opportunity once again to vent out their anger and frustration developed from their daily life and display their animal instinct of revenge without mind suppressed for sometime ….

The problem is, these four were also not consciously aware what they did and what’s the consequences etc etc.. if u see when they were being beaten by police, they don’t look in their senses .. just animals … so whom are we killing..?

Now at a personal level, I am happy since I too want them killed. I am also happy knowing justice delayed is justice denied and seeing how in the name of justice, Nirbhaya’s rapist gets sewing machine and 10000/- by Delhi CM when he should have been hanged by this time. I am also happy knowing in a country where a parliamentarian watches porn in session, where politicians talk in favour of rapists telling “kids did a mistake”, where in a state like Haryana, children are taught nonsense to stop rapes, justice is not so easy. But is this message of killing these or intent of Govt or judiciary going to those similar animals since intention of police, administration, judiciary should be to spread the message or fear to stop such incidences from happening in future…only killing these is not a solution nor sets a healthy example…in a country where Kasab also went through a trial, police deptt which is already corrupt must not be encouraged or credited for such steps….Common men can have that emotion and talking about killing, public prosecution, chopping the private parts etc but not the lawmakers or people entrusted to uphold the law …

Even if we think it’s good that they are killed giving benefit of doubt to police that they have not done this to wash off their hands of neutralize the inaction done that night, such message has to go to those who have such mindset so that they never try in future… I have my doubt…Else they would not have got the bail … Message is going to those who want to take credit out of such or those who are boiling in anger and feel happy but basic still remains unattended … Police cannot kill every time in such a haste .. nor it’s a solution…Such incidences must not be encouraged since tomorrow people will lose trust on our legal system and many are there to take the advantage when such a day arrives…


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By tripotomaniac

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