Breaking The Inertia

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The kid is not more than 4 years old. With a can of apple juice, was watching him holding his parents’ hands and trying his best to keep pace with them. It’s 10 am and Hyderabad airport was crowded as usual; and the kid was finding it impossible to stop looking around and thus falling back time to time. The shoe must be a new one which he was finding difficult to cope with and sometimes was dragging his feet. I turned back to drop the can in the waste-bin and by the time looked again, the boy with his parents vanished in the crowd.

Not more than a few seconds passed when I saw one of his shoes lying on the floor. I realized many like me were staring at the shoe and thinking their next course of action, what to do etc etc. Some gave a faint cry to the parents who were around 50 feet away. Without thinking much, I went up to the shoe, picked up and started walking towards his parents, handed over the same to them and without much pleasantries, came back to my seat. To my surprise, they followed me up to my place, thanked with a smile and left. And when I looked around with a sense of satisfaction, I didn’t find anyone looking at me. In simple, no one was bothered.

A very natural incidence that occurred today (28th Nov 2019) but made me think something else. We all face such situation in life where in spite of knowing what’s right, we fail to do the right just because of too much thinking. I believe sometimes its better to be reactive and act naturally to our inner call rather than going too far thinking on the consequences, outcomes etc. Sometimes we even find it better to fail since we assume doing the right may make someone laugh at us and thus find reasons on our own in support of not doing what our conscience want. Believe me, no one is bothered or has time to think what we do, how we do except our inner self and a few of our well wishers; and as long as we go on doing what we feel and believe is right, we go on doing what our conscience wants us to do, we shouldn’t be bothered what others think. It’s just the inertia of our brain that stops us doing the right which we all must overcome…

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