Silence is not an Empty concept; it is full of answers we generally don’t find in noise…

So far memory recalls, I was in class-IV when started going to a private tutor after school. Her elder brother used to take “Khaini”(a kind of tobacco) from a small attractive steel container having two separate chambers meant for Khaini and lime. One day after tuition, when no one was nearby, I stole that the container lying on the table.

In the evening while playing, I was proudly showing the container to my friends and became a hero as no one in my friend circle had a “Khaini” container but me. Some senior in the locality saw this and complained to my father. When I was back home, father asked where I got it and I told him the truth. He simply asked for the same which I silently returned. He did not utter a single word.

Next day, when I was going to the tutor, he gave me a sealed letter along with the container and asked me to put back the container from where I had taken and hand over the sealed letter to my teacher. I did so and then she asked me whether I had put the thing father gave me without naming it back to the place where from I took and I nodded. Episode ended.

The letter from my father stated the facts. And surprisingly no one ever scolded me for what I had done. It taught me a lot. Even after 30 yrs, I clearly recall that incident. Sometimes silence leaves a stronger mark than words.

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By tripotomaniac

Born at Lumding, a town in Assam, Anirban spent his childhood enjoying the whispering sounds of the woods and trees, cherishing the flora and fauna in places like Dwarband, Masimpur, Burlongfur, Mandardisa. Anirban’s writings reflect his deep love towards nature, people and a culture that we can follow to live by. In Anirban’s words, the golden sunrise, the meadows, the snow-clad tall mountains, the never ending seas, the horizon, the smell of sand and soil, large monuments, the history, the people fascinate him and take him to a different world. And he gives his father all the credit who made him feel, cherish and experience these wonders of Mother Earth. His contributions to travel sites like Tripadvisor has a reader base of over forty thousand as well as in websites like Tripoto, He is an author for, a Times Travel Magazine. His first poetry collection “Osheemer Daak” – Call of the endless is recently published and available in Amazon, Flipkart. One can follow him at or his website His email id is