Journey to the Cave City of Aurangabad

Standing inside the Kailash Cave on 6th Dec 2014, I remembered the words of French novelist Marcel Proust who once quoted “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”  So true are the words. Standing on the largest monolithic structure on Earth was an experience in itself. The carving on the rocks, the architecture, the thought process went behind constructing such a mega structure 1500 yrs ago truly depicts the extraordinary talents in those days and I thanked myself for choosing Aurangabad to spend these three days that came to me as a surprise during our meeting in Mumbai Office. 

1st Dec evening I landed in Mumbai for a three day meeting that was ending on 4th and then was another workshop to attend from 8th Dec and I thought of exploring a new place I never been to in these and thus came the thought of Aurangabad. Aurangabad is named after the Mughal emperor Aurangazeb. The city is a tourism hub, surrounded by many historical monuments, including the Ajanta and Ellora Caves which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as Bibika Makbara, Daulatabad Fort, Panchakki and the lesser known Aurangabad Caves which has been shadowed by the glory and popularity of Ajanta and Ellora. Continue reading “Journey to the Cave City of Aurangabad”