Sunset or sunrise with clouds in the sky is always so beautiful, so charming, so relaxing that you just forget the anxieties of the past and for some time just live thinking if you could live your whole life framed in those moments. But it’s not so and we all move ahead like the sun & clouds. We move ahead with some sweet moments we cherished and with hope in our eyes to cherish something new in the coming day like a different cloud formation, a different sunset, a different sunrise. That’s the beauty of sunset or sunrise as it’s almost impossible to see exactly the same sky twice like we never see exactly the same day twice but with some newness. That newness or hope to see something new, something different, something challenging keeps us moving, keeps us engaged, keeps us motivated (shot from our terrace @ VRR NEST, Bangalore)

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By tripotomaniac

Born at Lumding, a town in Assam, Anirban spent his childhood enjoying the whispering sounds of the woods and trees, cherishing the flora and fauna in places like Dwarband, Masimpur, Burlongfur, Mandardisa. Anirban’s writings reflect his deep love towards nature, people and a culture that we can follow to live by. In Anirban’s words, the golden sunrise, the meadows, the snow-clad tall mountains, the never ending seas, the horizon, the smell of sand and soil, large monuments, the history, the people fascinate him and take him to a different world. And he gives his father all the credit who made him feel, cherish and experience these wonders of Mother Earth. His contributions to travel sites like Tripadvisor has a reader base of over forty thousand as well as in websites like Tripoto, He is an author for, a Times Travel Magazine. His first poetry collection “Osheemer Daak” – Call of the endless is recently published and available in Amazon, Flipkart. One can follow him at or his website His email id is

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