Sarcasm Racism Hypocrisy & Bigotry in the midst of Nobel

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What happened to us as a society ? Have we in the name of freedom of expression totally forgotten the fact that not only criticizing but appreciating is also a part of freedom of expression?

The moment one person gets Nobel, we observe a brigade of Nobel Critics. And who are these critics? If we ask these to tell a few theories of economics, they may find that the hardest time of their lives. Jokes started flooding the social media. We Bengali suddenly started seeing this a moment of pride since for long, Didi kept our brains occupied, Pro Modi brigade started finding all faults, Anti Modi found a new weapon to attack once again, some FB researchers started coming out with all histories showing him either as a blessings or curse to Indian Economy as per the vested interest and so on and so forth. And amidst all these, genuine appreciation is what took a complete back seat. And his winning Nobel Prize was being presented by all in different formats so as to fulfill own agendas, satisfy some egos and get some false credits. Why?

While all are/were busy in presenting him with different colours, no one bothered just to Congratulate him without any ifs and buts? Just a simpleĀ congratulations for all his hard work, dedication without painting him as a Bengali or an Indian but just as a human being who after a dedicated work of over 30 yrs, won the highest award on earth…


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