Customer Service Is An Attitude

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An old video of Brussels Airlines. Click here for the video

While watching the video after a long time, I was wondering why the entire team of the airlines was involved in doing this when an announcement by the pilot or a wish could have solved the agenda of congratulating or wishing Mr. Smith. However that would not have made Mr. Smith associated with this airlines for 15 yrs

Customer service is no longer a department but an attitude of the organization. It’s an attitude & drive that starts from the junior-most off the role employee to the top & that doesn’t start due to some instruction from a senior but from the ethos of the organization that grows inside each & every employee on its own. Stronger the ethos, stronger it germinates & bloom to an attitude that does not need someone’s instruction to do the right thing.

There are companies that spend good amount of time on induction of new recruits not on what they have to do when they go to their department but what they have to believe & cultivate inside them as a part of this organization & that is the start towards this germination. These initial few days actually decide how long the employee will stay in the company, how he will contribute & how he will celebrate his association with pride and honour.