Is Traffic Police = Salesperson ?

I was stuck in a traffic signal for over 45 minutes yesterday. Observing the helplessness of Traffic police, indiscipline by commuters and some more traits by all gave birth to this new management funda though almost similar to the old wine in a new bottle  🙂

Demands, Expectations, Confusions:

1111A typical situation we see on roads which can be compared to a customer meeting. The salesperson is confused of what customer wants like traffic police confused what commuters want, customer is confused what he should demand from the salesperson like commuters confused of the next move of traffic police, salesperson is calculating which product will meet the need of the customer without even understanding the need similar to traffic police, salesperson suddenly getting a call from another customer like traffic police suddenly hurrying to another side due to unexpected heavy traffic

I want everything:  

One Traffic police trying to control the entire commuters like Salesperson wants all customers to be catered by him222 without allowing competition. Result is horrific when one more traffic police jumps and allows the traffic to move on when the other police tries to stop like competition jumping at the customer which is being tried to be catered by another salesperson and giving an ease of life to the customer.

Rick Loomis –– – FG.war.police.2.5.5.RL––Baghdad, Iraq––Traffic police officers try to sort out the confusion of a traffic intersection in downtown Baghdad. The officers had returned to work for the first time since the U.S. military converged on Baghdad in their pursuit to topple Saddam Hussein's regime. Many motorists greeted the police officers by honking their horns in appreciation. Many officers, however, are not yet back to work as there are few police cars and many of their stations have been looted. LOS ANGELES TIMES PHOTO BY RICK LOOMIS

Result may not be fruitful in the long run but advantage goes to the customers and both the salesperson/traffic police starts fighting with each other like price cut situation in sales. They don’t understand creating confusion among themselves will not only give an advantage to customers to play with them but also this urge to get everything alone may land them up with zero profit.


Forecasting is good but not at the cost of present:

downloadSometimes Traffic police gets information about some heavy traffic expected and leaves everything and waits for that traffic to come like salesperson leaving everything in hand and go after some dream project that he came across in some information bulletin, which remains a dream, may be due to another traffic police / salesperson taking an early action in a previous signal leaving our salesperson wait and wait and then cut a sorry face. Even due to this, on other ends of the signal where our salesperson is stationed is taken over by some other traffic police/competitor’s salesperson.

Proactiveness Vs Aggressiveness Vs Being Rude:

download (1) cops-beatn

Being proactive, being aggressive are the phenomena we come across every day but when that turns into rudeness , traffic police/ salesperson may get into trouble.

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