Pictures Speak Louder Than Words


Sitting by the window and looking at the endless vista dreaming to get lost among the beauty of woods trees river soil sand, this girl is announcing to the world that her time is about to come and the day is not far when she too will keep her feet on the rocky roads, snow filled trails, never ending desert to see, to explore, to cherish the wonders of mother earth. (Pic taken in Phuentsholin, Bhutan)

1422395_987519711287380_4634334478488158628_nLast wish of a chair: I am waiting for someone as lucky as I am so as to share a precious moment together and enjoy this beautiful morning where first few rays of the sun, call of the birds, whispering sound of the leaves creating a heaven on earth and for sometime I want to make a beautiful ‘us’… Continue reading “Pictures Speak Louder Than Words”

Why Lucknow Chowk Must Be In Your Bucket List ?

IMG_7584.CR2Very few visitors I found in Lucknow who after a busy day do retire to their hotel rooms and book a taxi for Amausi Airport next day without visiting the famous Chowk area. However most of them go to buy apparels made of Chikan. Undoubtedly Chikan is one of the biggest attractions for any visitor coming to Lucknow but not the only reason that makes Chowk a must-visit destination.

Chowk is a market area located in old Lucknow. The area stretches to around one kilometer from Gol Darwaza on one side to Akhbari Darwaza on the other with abundance of popular tourist places all around from the pages of History. However here I am not going to talk about the already famous tourist destinations like Imambara, Rumi Darwaza etc in the vicinity which people already know.

Whenever we talk about Lucknow or Chowk, the first thing that comes to our mind is Awadhi Food. And why not? Nawabs were patrons of art, culture, and food becomes an important part . And in this Chowk area only, many great Awadhi Cuisines were innovated and gradually came to the forefront of Indian cuisine.

Getting up on a Sunday morning and driving to Chowk to relish the mouthwatering Nimish (widely known as Makhan Malai) Continue reading “Why Lucknow Chowk Must Be In Your Bucket List ?”

Is Lucknow traffic advancing towards a better tomorrow ?

It’s Monday morning and one surely will be surprised seeing the kind of discipline suddenly prevailing with the commuters on the roads of Lucknow with every traffic signal manned by over five traffic police. And I must say it is better than what we observed till yesterday.

When I landed here two years back, seeing the traffic, traffic sense of people, inefficient traffic police, I was really worried.  It was like the famous “Pehele Aap tehzeeb” of Lucknow was thrown away by people here. Coming from Bhubaneswar which has a better managed traffic, it was difficult for me to let go the habit of following traffic rules. However a simple solution was given by my colleague Sayan Biswas. He told, in Lucknow, road belongs to them who dare to put the nose of their cars before anyone and the only rule is there is no rule. Wow !! So Simple. As an obedient student, I followed his instructions – stopped wearing seat-belt, stopped looking at the traffic signals, stopped looking at one way signage, started parking wherever I got space irrespective of whether that was a parking or no parking zone. And helplessly watched the ambulances with patients desperately trying to get a way with little success and police giving a blind eye to such incidences. And surprisingly I never faced problem. Don’t know whether to feel happy or not !! Continue reading “Is Lucknow traffic advancing towards a better tomorrow ?”