Two days too short a period; still roaming around the streets of Badami which once used to be the capital of the Chalukyas between 6th and 12th century amazed us with it’s superb architecture, history, and overall their devotion to art & culture in spite of actively engaged in making the empire by bringing all small kingdoms of Karnataka together.

Architecture in Bhootnath group of temples, Badami Cave, Badami Fort, Pattadakal, Aihole are just jaw dropping. Banshankari temple is another temple dates back to 600BC. When I showed my astonishment, the Poojari just smiled and told there are remains from prehistoric era too.

Around 450 km from Bangalore, it takes around 9 hrs by road. We started at around 3 am and reached by 12 and checked in Hotel Chalukya. Overall the hotel was ok but the advantage was its vicinity from Badami caves and also enough parking space.

As per historians, Chalukyas are the true natives of Karnataka and their empire spread across between Kaveri and Narmada. This period saw the rise of Badami Chalukyas and knows as the golden age. The Chalukyas claimed to have been nursed by the Sapta Matrikas(seven divine mothers) and were worshippers of many gods including Siva, Vishnu, Chamundi, Surya, Kubera, Parvati, Vinayaka and Kartikeya which are evident from most of the carvings across Badami, idols, wall paintings. Also this area goes back to Neolithic era and some remains were found which one can see in the museum which itself will take anyone to the ages of human civilization and beyond that.

**I strongly urge to make a visit once to this place which is not even known to many of this state itself.

visit for more pictures :

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